The “Community Safe Drinking Water” (CSDW) programme was set up to meet the fundamental need for potable water across communities. The company has identified low cost systems and a partnership model to ensure a sustainable source of clean drinking water. Installation of water purifiers (reverse osmosis process) with huge treatment capacity has helped many communities to address their drinking water issues. This initiative of providing cheap, clean drinking water has become a boon to many communities that were once forced to consume unhygienic drinking water due to lack of facilities. The CSDW units with various capacities are installed in local bodies, educational institutions, etc.

Mudichur CSDW project

To cater the community in Mudichur village, which hosts around 6826 households, in the suburbs of Chennai city, a 4000 LPH RO unit was installed. Since its inception, the drinking water shortage issue in the community, prevailed for many years, has been significantly reduced. Now, the community has access to clean and safe drinking water at an affordable price.

Perungalathur CSDW project

Perungalathur town panchayat invited HHIDS to install a 3000 LPH RO unit providing water supply to 2000 households.The unit was set up in September 2015 at a cost of INR 8 lakhs.

Similarly, RO units of smaller capacities have been installed in various institutions.

Uthiramerur CSDW project

HHIDS has installed a 3000 LPH RO unit to cater to the potable water needs of the Uthiramerur town. The project is in collaboration with the Uthiramerur Town Panchayat and was installed in 2017. The waste water outlet from the unit is connected to the public toilet for flushing and cleaning purposes, and this is also used to manage the community garden.

Presently, the purified water from the RO unit is distributed at INR 6 for every 20 liters by the Panchayat. This is welcomed and appreciated by the locals as it is economical, pure, refreshing and comes from an authentic source.