Biogas - Waste 2 Energy

Waste is a potential energy source. Tapping that alternative energy to meet communities’ needs has multiple advantages: it provides cheap energy to communities to meet electricity or cooking needs, partly alleviates the stress on our environment and also reduces our carbon footprint. HHIDS firmly believes that alternative energy such as bio-methanation – energy captured from biodegradable waste is the need of the hour. Bio- methanation plants with various capacities have been installed in local bodies, educational institutions, corporate among others .

  • Hand in Hand India, in association with Mamallapuram Town Panchayat has installed a 100 cu m bio gas plant, with a capacity to handle 500 kilograms of food waste, to manage food waste generated by the hotels in Mamallapuram. Later, a 60 cu m bio gas plant was installed to treat the meat waste generated in the town.The food and meat wastes are converted into methane, which is used for power generation through a 15 kVA/12 kW bio gas generator. The electricity generated is used to electrify street lights along East Coast Road, near Mamallapuram.
  • A 100 cu m and a 25 cu m bio gas unit have been installed in Cantonment Park – Pallavaram and Pallavaram Government High School respectively. At the school, the resultant energy is used as cooking fuel, and in the park, the energy is converted into electricity to power the lights in the park.
  • In February 2018, a 100 cu m bio gas plant was inaugurated at the Cantonment Board-Officers Training Academy was inaugurated. The resultant gas will be used in the canteen within the campus as cooking fuel.
  • In Kattupakkam, a 100 cu m bio gas unit has been installed in association with the Kattupakkam Village Panchayat. The energy is converted into electricity to feed the street lights in Poonamallee highway.
  • A 40 cu m bio gas unit has been installed at Turbo Energy Ltd, Paiyanoor near Chennai to use the gas as cooking fuel.
  • A100 cu m bio gas unit has been installed in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai Corporation under the Eicher CSR project. The electricity produced from the gas is used for street lights in the area.