God bless the venture. Thank Collector Parthiban, Sub Collector Kesavan, Commissioner Revathi, and Vikram& team. Thank Hand in Hand for putting it together. Thank the MLA Mr. Kamalakannan as well.

Ms. Kiran Bedi
Lt. Governor, Puducherry
Karaikal MSWM project

They have initiated the process of waste segregation, and converting organic waste into compost and food waste into biogas. I wish them all success to continue the good work and take the project to greater heights.

Mr. V. Narayanasamy
Chief Minister, Puducherry
Karaikal MSWM project by HHIDS

Really good work. My wishes to continue the project as such.

Mr. A. Namassivayam
LAD Minister, Puducherry
Karaikal MSWM project

The joint effort of Mamallapuram Town Panchayat and Hand in Hand in collecting, transporting and processing solid waste is a model to be emulated by other urban local bodies. I wish this effort all success

K. Phanindra Reddy
Former Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration & Water Supply (Govt. of Tamil Nadu)
Mamallapuram MSWM project

Congratulations on the fantastic job you have done in Mudichur Village. I will come back in a year and look at the new clean village.

Percy Barnevik Dr h c
Our Advisor and Former ABB Chairman and Management Expert, Sweden
Mudichur MSWM project

Paravaipet RRP handled by Hand in Hand is an epitome of the concept of waste to wealth. The spirit behind the Swachh Bharat Mission is best exemplified in this facility that the team Karaikal together with Hand in Hand have unleashed. I wish them the best and pledge my support to this cause in the days to come.

Mr. P. Jawahar
Secretary LAD/Mission Director SBM-U, Govt. of Puducherry
Karaikal MSWM project

Second time I am visiting this facility. Getting strengthened by every visit. Most practical, scientific and successful venture which should be replicated by other local bodies. Can motivate others to replicate this facility in other parts of the country. All the best to HIH work. Thanks.

G. Malarkannan
Director, LAD, Puducherry
Karaikal MSWM project

Excellent work. Very well maintained. Keep up the good work.

Brigadier M.G. Sekaran
Brig-Q , OTA, Cantonment Board, Chennai
Cantonment Board – St. Thomas Mount cum Pallavaram

Excellent work by Hand in Hand. Very informative and motivating. Thanks. Keep it up

Dr. S. Chandhani
MD, NERCORMP, Shillong,
Cantonment Board - St. Thomas Mount cum Pallavaram

Very good maintenance of vermicompost.

Mr. Lanka Rama Rao
Former Commissioner, Yanam Municipality
Chitlapakkam MSWM project

I am so impressed with you project. Thank you for your time, I am excited to show the class. We need this everywhere!

Ms. Jane Lee Brisbane
Mamallapuram MSWM project

Excellent work, a real inspiration. Let’s find a way to tell the world about it!

Mr. Todd Wade
London on
Sriperumbudur MSWM project

Very nice environmental activities to promote agricultural and allied sector growth and development.

Mr. S. Basker
Assistant Town and Country Planner, Town and Country Planning Organization, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, New Delhi
Sriperumbudur MSWM project

An excellent layout to demonstrate the processing of household waste into manure.

Mr. V. P. Thandapani
IAS, Sub-Collector, Kancheepuram District
Sriperumbudur MSWM project

An excellent training center at the compost plant itself. Garbage turning into electricity is highly appreciable.

Dr. M. Elangovan
Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Tambaram
Mamallapuram MSWM project

I am very impressed with your work! You made me think about my country, and I am very glad that in India you have a very good system.

Ms. Lila
DBA, Belgium
Mamallapuram MSWM project

Be proud of your work, because it is amazing! Step by step the world is becoming a cleaner and better place

Ms. Fiona Quadri
DBA, Belgium
Mamallapuram MSWM project

It was a wonderful experience to see this place. Very informative and will have a long lasting impact on us. The people who are managing this centre are very nice and supportive. Great!

Mr. V. K. Sinha
Director of Personnel and Training, Government of India, New Delhi
Mamallapuram MSWM project

Great initiative, even greater achievements! Thanks!

Mr. Niels Jacob Harbitz
International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI), Norway
Chitlapakkam MSWM project

It is an amazing and a very useful project. Keep it up!

Mr. M. Vijayakumar
District Inspector Cell Officer/Deputy Collector Kanchipuram
Madambakkam MSWM project

Excellent work (Kundrathur project) Great co-ordination! I appreciate Chairman, EO, NGO volunteers for their commendable efforts. Let us hope we create clean and green towns soon.

Dr. K. Gopal
Former Commissioner of Town Panchayats, Tamil Nadu
Kundrathur MSWM project

Wonderful work done by Hand in Hand with the active cooperation of Town Panchayat. Keep it Up!

Mr. Suji3t Banerjee
Chairman Advisory Committee on World Heritage Matters, Govt. of India
Mamallapuram MSWM project

An innovative green initiative involving local government!

N. Sanyal
Special Secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Women & Child Development
Mamallapuram MSWM project
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