COVID19 has brought an unprecedented situation the world has never faced in recent times. While Governments are taking measures to tackle this pandemic, varied organizations are doing their parts to help the community.

HHIDS through its Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) projects is rendering an essential service – keeping the community clean. In 34 locations spread across 7 States in India, Green Friends and team are working relentlessly in removing the waste from households and streets alike. While performing their regular duties, they also work with the local governing bodies to sanitize the entire community by spraying disinfectants, visiting households to deliver government leaflets on the COVID19 measures and safety precautions, cleaning railway stations, bus stands, government buildings and so on.

Overall, 1200 Green Friends and 300 field team are engaged in aforementioned activities to ensure cleanliness. This has greatly exposed them to getting affected by the coronavirus since they deal with every household in their respective projects.

Along with other essential service personnel, our team remain the beacon of hope in the time of adversity. To help the Green Friends and team upkeep their personal safety and hygiene, many organizations and individuals alike are coming forward with materials such as food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, etc. and personal sanitizers like soaps and hand wash.

We expect more such enterprises and organizations to lend a helping hand during these tough times to support these selfless individuals.