Case Studies

Progressing towards a cleaner Karaikal

An evident improvement is perceptible in the municipality of Karaikal in a period of over four months -since the time MSWM project was launched on 14th of November, 2016, to the present.

Not only are the streets spotless, but the people are well informed of the proper disposal of waste and are keen on observing the same.

While there were scores of measures to bring about this stupendous reform, the strategy to remove the dustbins in the residential areas to promote the door-to-door collection of waste played a crucial role. Although, initially, the initiative was implemented to espouse door-to-door collection, there was also a substantial decrease in the amount of garbage littered on the streets. Indeed, the dustbin removal campaign was commenced to coerce the uncooperative twenty percent of the local population who usually discarded their trash in the dustbin or on the roadsides, to take up this innovative routine.

In order to drive home the importance of this practice, a campaign focusing on the removal of garbage bins was organised in Lemair Street, on 15th February, 2017, in the presence of Mr. P. Parthiban, the District Collector and Mrs. K. Revathy, Municipal Commissioner. The dustbins were removed and the surrounding area was cleaned, while a ‘Do not litter’ poster was displayed at the spot which was once occupied by the dustbin. Moreover, the Sub-Collector Mr. R. Kesavan, IAS, also took part in the campaign conducted in Anthoniyar Kovil Ward, on 24th March, 2017, to remove the garbage bins in that locality.

Consequently, the participation,together with the immense support offered by the administrative officials helped the MSWM team to remove around thirty-six dustbins, in seventeen streets, in two wards. Presently, the streets are much cleaner, and the door-to-door collection of waste has considerably increased. Even though a few people were reluctant earlier, now they see the change and are inspired and motivated to be a part of it.