Our Model

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and
Hand in Hand Inclusive Development & Services’
Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM)
– A Correlation

“With a little bit of awareness and the participation of local people our environment can become much cleaner”

The Municipal solid waste management projects of Hand in Hand strives for maximum waste recovery through composting, recycling, and reuse, and aims at minimizing the waste being dumped in the landfills. Through the process, it also offers continuous employment to individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

‘Recycle For Life’ – An Innovative Approach

  • One Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) is assigned for 800 households
  • Four Green Friends for each LCV ( 3 for door to door Waste collection; 1 for road sweeping)
  • One Motivator for each LCV – to ensure source segregation at households through exhortation
  • Separate bins in the LCV to store collected wastes from households

Collected waste will be processed separately in the Resource Recovery Park (RRP)

  • Organic waste is converted into manure through composting method
  • Recycle waste is compacted into bales and sent to recycle factory
  • Food waste is converted into bio gas for cooking or electricity generation

The fundamentals that are in correlation

  • Information dissemination and knowledge sharing among people
  • Active participation of people from different sections of the society
  • Participation in cleanliness initiatives of government departments
  • Target based and result oriented approach
  • Innate passion to make India clean

(800 Households)
Four Green Friends
(sanitary workers)

(3 Green Friends engaged in
door to door collection of waste;
1 Green Friend in road sweeping)

One Motivator
One Driver

84% waste diversion &
80% source segregation in
Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

Hand in Hand’s MSWM project model – ’Recycle for Life‘ will expedite ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan based on a result oriented, time bound approach in a period of TWO years